“Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”  – Martin Luther King Jr.



Join us for an eight-week Anti-Racism Workshop!  We will examine how systemic racism and white supremacy impact our lives, institutions, and movements for social justice.  We will discuss the history of systemic racism, hear stories of resistance from leaders of color, and analyze how white privilege plays out in our communities, schools, places of work, organizations and social movements.  Through this process we will develop strategies to take action for racial justice individually and collectively! This workshop focuses on the experiences of white European Americans, but is open to ALL.

Sundays, October 3 – November 21st


Location: James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Church

2146 East Johnson St. Madison, WI 53704 (wheelchair accessible)

Goals of workshop:

Work with white people to take responsibility for challenging racism and white privilege.

Respect the leadership of people of color in our community

Practice and model respectful and accountable behavior in all our anti-racist work, especially in our families and circles of influence

Begin building relationships with grassroots racial justice organizations in Madison

8-week Workshop Overview

The workshop will include engaging dialogue, small and large group exercises, reflective readings, and guest speakers as a part of the participatory learning process. The workshop also includes an optional (but highly recommended) racial justice volunteer placement in a community organization.  Bring your wisdom, experiences, and visions along with a willingness to learn, be challenged, and take action.

Week 1 Orientation & Introduction to the Workshop

Week 2 History of White Supremacy: Oppression & Resistance

Week 3   Legacies of Resistance

Week 4 White Privilege and It’s Impact on Working for Social Change

Week 5 It Takes Courage: Taking Action (Inspired By Jerry Smith)

Week 6 Intersections of Oppressions

Week 7 Organizing for Racial Justice and Organizational Transformation

Week 8 Leadership Development: Where do we go from here?

This workshop is organized by GROUNDWORK, a local organization of white anti-racist activists who support the leadership of communities of color  HYPERLINK “https://groundworkmadison.wordpress.com” https://groundworkmadison.wordpress.com

For more information or to receive an application, please contact Angela Marchant at (414) 975-9833 or  HYPERLINK “mailto:lauramcneill@tds.net” angelammarchant@gmail.com.

Childcare available upon request! We will work to make this workshop accessible to all.  If you have specific needs or accommodations, please let us know.

Cost: $50 – $500 sliding scale fee; Scholarships Available

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