Ways Allies Can Help

Self-Education – Many of the links listed under the section for “Where to find more information on current and local racial justice issues” are good resources to learn more about current racial justice issues and available actions, workshops, and opportunities to get involved.

Act – Show up and be heard: attend rallies, vigils and event. Speak or register your opinion at public meetings about issues that impact racial equity like jails, budget allocations, policing, etc. Speak to or write your legislators, council members, etc. Write op-eds addressing negative media coverage and stating your support for Black Lives Matter local issues. For more info on op-eds and how to write one, visit: http://nodanecountyjail.wordpress.com/get-involved/write-to-local-media/

Sign – Take a moment to sgn the petition calling for UN intervention to stop state violence against Black people in Madison and share it with friends/co-workers/family: http://iam.colorofchange.org/petitions/a-un-investigation-into-the-killing-of-tony-robinson-and-racial-disparities-in-madison-wi

Another important loal petition: please sign the support letter for SankofaBCH, to make culturally relevant mental and behavioral health accessible: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OMNHVQEmWLyMufaZ1x0J6mWHU8kmwdJ7qs9dZilqflc/viewform

Get the word out to your networks – Even if you aren’t able to attend events, let your friends know via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or word-of-mouth.

Donate – Funds or materials – Young, Gifted and Black needs funds! Consider hosting a fundraiser.

Donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/pb5nkw

Volunteer your time – MUM and MOSES currently have volunteer opportunities. Stay tuned for YGB opportunities, including childcare.

Talk about racial justice with your circle of influence – Both WI Network for Peace and Justice and Race to Equity offer free conversation toolkit materials available on their websites. Host a living room conversation with your friends and family to discuss current local issues in the Black Lives Matter movement. Contact us at Groundwork if you would like assistance hosting and facilitating.

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